What Are Magic Cables?

"Magic Cables" is a simple, fast technique for knitting mock cables. The patterns are knit on any standard, bulky or mid-gauge knitting machine using a variety of tuck stitch patterns that are specifically designed by Ricki Mundstock. After knitting a specified number of rows of the tuck stitch pattern, you use a transfer tool to pick up the side of a specified group of tucks and hang them on a specified needle. It's so easy, you'll be amazed. Even a beginner can knit a Magic Cable garment. You'll love the texture created by the tuck stitches combined with cables.

Passap Magic Cables are just a simple and fast as the Magic Cables for the standard machine but uses a completely different technique. Passap Magic Cables are made by knitting a single-bed tuck pattern while using the Racking Handle to knit in groups of 2 stitches that are the back bed. These back bed stitches knit in the "twist" needed to create a mock cable. It's fun and easy.